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#SOL19 Day 24: A Sign

We’re in the car for a leisurely trip to Target because my daughter has a gift card she’s looking to spend. She’s not sure what she wants to buy, but it’s hard to go to Target and not find something. I certainly¬†don’t mind getting out of the house and browsing as we walk around.

We get into the car, making sure the heated seats are at full-strength this chilly, March morning. I look around and confirm that we have a couple reusable shopping bags in the car. After backing out of the driveway, I once again have to manually adjust the self-adjusting mirrors once when I put the car into drive. (I really need to look up how these are supposed to work!)

Traffic is light this morning, and I don’t have to wait for anyone to turn onto the main road. My daughter and I talk about things in general, just having nice, casual conversation.

A shocking sight catches my eye. Did I really just see what I thought I saw? I blink and focus my attention on¬†the school’s electronic marquis instead of what my daughter is saying. Yes, the sign definitely says, “June 13 and June 14, half days of school.”

I guess it’s never too early to plan ahead, but that’s not what I was expecting to see when we haven’t even had our Spring Break yet!

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