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#SOL18 Day 19: Swirling Thoughts

How can I possibly write a Slice right now? I have SO much swirling in my head after a weekend at the Michigan Reading Association’s Annual Conference! Fortunately, I’ve seen a few structures that others have used in their Slices that would help me right now. 🙂

I could write about being energized by Colby Sharp and Donalyn Miller as they talk about the Nerdy Book Club and The Curiosity Project.

I could write about chatting with people I had just met about a few of our favorite books.

I could write about crying with Manny Scott as he talks about The Power of One.

I could write about one of my cats insisting on some quality time on my lap right now!!!

I could write about seeing pictures of Lois Lowry’s reading life as a child.

I could write about the thrill of discovering a few of the 40+ online databases that the Michigan eLibrary makes available to everyone in our state.

I could write about getting a bookmark made out of elephant poo from local author Linda McLean.

I could write about laughing with Jason Reynolds about his keen observations of a snooty first-class passenger.

I could write about the math part of my brain dancing as Dr. Mike Schmoker shares data.

I could write about making crow noises to find group members in a presentation literacy session.

I could write about knowing I made the right session choice when I saw Smokey Daniels also in the audience listening to Nell Duke speak about project-based learning.

I could write about squirming as I watched a video of Barrington Irving swimming within feet of a deadly sea snake.

I could write about looking out over the Detroit River on a beautiful sunny, cloudless day.

I could write about the power of having Byron Garrett delivering his entire keynote, not from the stage, but from the front rows of the ballroom floor.

I could write about the joy of watching my children go out and play with our neighbors after dinner.

I could write about needing to follow Donalyn’s inspiration from today and write down what is in my head and heart.


Happy Monday and Happy Writing, everyone!

3 Responses to #SOL18 Day 19: Swirling Thoughts

  1. Kathleen says:

    Wow! Sounds like an absolutely amazing experience. I just bought Colby Sharp’s Creativity Project and I’m so excited to read it.

  2. Amy says:

    What a cool way to give meaningful glimpses into your many experiences and feelings at this training semainar. My favorite was the image of you feeling proud of yourself for choosing wisely!

  3. Kay Collins says:

    Sounds like it was a wonderful conference–the best kind! So many take-aways and inspiration. I’m glad you recorded little snippets of each thing…how fun that will be to look back on in the future! I LOVE Donalyn Miller, too!

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