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#SOL18 Day 2: My, How Things Change

The past two days have showcased the crazy weather we can have in Michigan.


We were all outside enjoying the almost-sixty degree temperatures. It wasn’t a perfectly sunny day–it was overcast and breezy, but it was a gift given that it’s still February! We may have even held off on blowing the recess whistle for a few minutes. And then after school so many people, adults and kids alike, found something to do outdoors. Loveliness!


What a difference a few hours made. The next morning, it rained. It was a cold, thirty-some degree rain that forced us to have indoor lineup. The kind of rain that forces you to cover your head and shield your face with whatever you can find and dash from vehicle to building. The kind of rain that tells you we’re definitely having indoor recess today.

Toward the end of the morning, as we were in our classroom Slicing, our eyes kept going to our small woods-facing window. It went from gray and gloomy, to dark and dreary. Then, we could see the raindrop falling once again, shifting from downward sheets to diagonal streaks. As we watched with fascination, snowflakes joined the mixed, snowflakes that really should be described as snowleaves because of their size.

As we watched the snow and slush piling up throughout the afternoon, we couldn’t help but think of the possibility of a snow day in our future. Would these few inches we enough to cancel school?


Well, it’s 5:15 and time to start the day. The cats aren’t pestering yet, so I’ll relax here a few minutes longer. I can’t put it off any longer, so I head downstairs, drink my coffee, and glance outside at the white-again landscape. It’s so beautiful this way. Time to finish checking yesterday’s math tests so they can be handed back, thinking about the conversations I’ll have with students to help them learn from the results. Three more to go when I’m interrupted by the phone ringing. It’s 6 am. Could it be? Yes! A snow day!

It’s amazing how quickly I come up with a new plan¬†for the day. I no longer have to wonder when I’ll find time for writing and reading. There will be plenty of time for that today. Maybe we’ll even go out and enjoy the beautiful March day we’ve been given.

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